Honey Comb Shackelford Apiaries
Indianapolis Indiana

Locally produced Honey
Hygenic Honey Bees
5, 8, & 10 frame deeps for sale

40 gallon stainless Kelley double boiler

Frames, tops, bottoms, excluders

Queen rearing supplies
About Don,

Being raised in a large farm family, Comb Honey was a rare treat greatly enjoyed but seldom indulged in by my father.  I took up beekeeping at age 14 with 2 hives.  Ole Dad never ran out of honey again!
     And as they say, the rest is history.  

Beekeeping Q & A

What's the best way to learn about bees?
 Answer;  Get some bees!

Great Video Links

PBS Nova Tales from the Hive

Downsizing Sale

I'm not as young as I used to be, and beekeeping can be quite a heavy undertaking.  I'm downsizing, and have many parts for sale.  No resonable offer refused, and an unreasonableoffer would be considered for a lot of used equipment.

I have no active beehives for sale.